A 6 month non-linear guided/self-guided journey of healing with Sica Schmitz

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This class is for anyone. It is for those navigating life after the loss of people, animals, places, dreams, identities, homes, cultures, beliefs, spirituality, or body; losses new or old, physical or intangible. This class is an offering of every gift, lesson, insight, hope, and magic that's come to through my own underworld transformation journey, combined for the first time into one curriculum.

While we've already started, you can jump in any time.

2021 Online Live Class Dates

Monthly, Thursdays at 12pm - 2pm PT

(replay available for previous classes)

April 15

May 13

June 17

What You Can Expect

  • Live online class once per month which will include gentle movement, meditation, lecture, and ritual (with replay available)

  • Live Community Care gathering once per week to ask questions and gain connections (attendance is always optional)

  • Guided meditations, optional workshops, and custom workbooks included for inner inquiry in between classes

  • Complete only what you want, at your own pace, out of order - there are no obligations and no report card (this is your journey!)

  • Abundant tools, tips, and resources will be provided for each class

  • By donation with no barriers, exclusion, or scarcity

  • A safe space for healing


please read below what this means and why I do this

  • Free



This class is by donation as part of my commitment to breaking away from the thought-forms of oppression such as exclusion, privilege, and capitalism.

There are no obligations and this class is open to everyone regardless of financial capabilities, however healthy energetic exchanges are part of creating a healthy inner life, so here are some ideas on how to maintain balance (please check in with yourself for what is healthy and balanced for you):

-- Voluntary donations by PayPal (weaver@therewoven.com) and Venmo (@SicaS): a suggested value for this 6 month course is $333, but please choose what is financially and energetically right for you. If you have monetary ease you might consider donating on behalf of yourself plus another student.

-- Non-monetary trades; if you have a skill, offer service, or make something (vegan cookies?!?!), please contact me at weaver@therewoven.com and let's find an exchange that is comfortable for both of us.

-- Patreon supporters at the $33 monthly level and above are invited to this course plus all my other my courses, writings, mediation, and videos. Subscribers at the $99 monthly level and above have access to all of these plus a private 1:1 monthly session with me for yoga, meditation, Reiki, Akashic Records, or guidance to support you through this journey (10 spots available).


  • 1

    1st Thread

    • Welcome: Invitations and Preparations (plus class times and links)

    • Inspirations

  • 2

    2nd Thread

    • MEND Live Class & Ritual: 1/24/21 (second recording)

    • Month 1 MEND Resource List

    • Portal Journey: A Meditation Into The Unknown

    • Grief Yoga: A Gentle, Grounding 30 Minute Practice

    • Who We Were

    • Grounding: An Invitation To Sit

  • 3

    3rd Thread

    • MEND Live Class & Ritual 2/18/21

    • Month 2 MEND Resources + Workbook

    • Guided Chakra Meditation

    • Fireside Heart Openers

    • Mantra - Ma Om Chant

    • Month 2: Q&A

  • 4

    4th Thread

    • MEND Month 3 Live Class 3/18/21

    • Month 3 MEND Resources + Workbook

    • Month 3: Q&A

    • Full Moon Forgiveness Ritual

  • 5

    5th Thread

    • MEND Month 4 Live Class 4/27/21

    • Month 4 MEND Resources + Workbook

  • 6

    Chapter 6

    • MEND Month 5 Live Class 5/13/21

  • 7

    Chapter 7: The End (or, the Beginning)

    • MEND Month 6 Live Class 6/17/21


Sica Schmitz

I am teacher, writer, healer, stylist, and ritualist.

I suppose this story can start with a numb though perhaps glamorous life in New York City and then Los Angeles, working in Hollywood before starting my own sustainable fashion company and non-profit, with a vision to change the world and help create peace through our daily choices. Despite outward "success," inside I still felt incomplete and ultimately found myself leaving the numb though perhaps glamorous life behind in order to change my own world - find my own peace - in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

For me this elusive peace meant an absence of suffering, of which I had spent much of my life actively doing. Suffering after sexual violence, narcissist abuse, generational trauma, and the deaths of some of my most beloved people, including my son. I went to therapists, shamans, silent meditation retreats, psychics, and neuroplasticity experts. I studied with gurus in India and under teachers such as Ana Forrest, Maryam Hasnaa, Lara Veleda Vesta, and Josslyn Streett (plus the most rigorous of teachers: the course of life).

Ultimately I came to realize that I could be guided towards but I couldn't be given peace. That just like grief, peace is a doorway I had to walk through by myself, but paradoxically not alone.

And that is what I hope to help you do, to guide you along your path to your own doorways, and offer you tools, community, and support for the thresholds ahead.

My training is in trauma-informed yoga, Reiki, channeling, fashion design, art history, and my most intimate experiences of grief, combining them towards a healing through body, energy, and beauty.

Thank you for sharing in this brave and sacred journey with me.